Gran, Norway

13,568 ( March 31, 2013 )

Gran is a municipality in Norway. It has 13,568 inhabitants ( 13,568 ). The population density is 18 inhabitants per square kilometer.

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Gran has an area of 758 km ² with a north- south length of 28.1 km and an east- west distance of 44.6 km. The municipality is located in the south of Fylke Oppland and is managed by the City Jaren. The highest peak is at an altitude of 812 meters. Larger settlements are Brandbu, Gran and Jaren.


The oldest buildings in the municipality of Gran, the sister churches in Granavollen and date from the 12th century. The community itself was founded on 1 January 1838. On January 1, 1897, the district Bardu was spun and thus became independent. On January 1, 1962, he was, however, incorporated again.


Mayor & City Council

Mayor since 2011 Knut Magnar teaching ( Arbeiderpartiet ), who was previously 12 years in municipal council. The council consists of 27 members.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Gran shows on a red shield two yellow dots, each ending in a trefoil cross. It refers to the sister churches in Granavollen and was approved by the Royal Government on 11 December 1987. The design came from Kari Ruud Flem Jevnaker.

Twin Cities

The following cities are partners of Gran:

  • Denmark Favrskov municipality, Denmark
  • Sweden Kungsbacka, Halland County, Sweden
  • Uganda Lugazi, Kampala, Uganda
  • Uganda Mukono, Mukono District, Uganda
  • Estonia Pärnu, Pärnu County, Estonia
  • Saarijärvi Finland, Central Finland, Finland

Culture and sights

Sister Churches

The Sister Churches (Norwegian Søsterkirkene ) are in Granavollen and date from the 12th century. They are built according to local tales of his two sisters were who were so at odds that they could not go to the same church. The larger of the two churches is St. Nicholas 's Church, a three-aisled basilica, whose origins go back to the period from 1150. It has room for about 250 people and was the seat of the parish of Hadeland. The smaller of the two churches, St Mary's Church, was originally built as a church or monastery church. In 1150 the nave church built there are Romanesque and Gothic elements. 1813, the church burned completely and was then built up to 1859 again. Today you can accommodate 150 people. In the southeast part of the cemetery attached to the church there is an old medieval tower. The use of Klokketarnet is no longer known today. He could have been used as a bell tower, to which its name suggests, or as an escape and protection tower. The cemetery also is the grave of the poet and journalist Aasmund Olafsson Vinje, which is adorned with a bust by sculptor Brynjulf ​​Bergslien.


Gran has a station on the Gjøvikbane. Jaren was until 1957 the junction station for the train track Jaren Røykenvik, there was also the station Brandbu.


In the municipality are located in Winter 21 km cross-country skiing trails, 21 km of which illuminated. In addition, the fishing has a long tradition in the great lakes around the community.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Michael Staksrud (1908-1940), speed skaters
  • Reidar Liaklev (1917-2006), speed skaters
  • Kåre Berg ( born 1932 ), ski jumpers
  • Lars Grini (* 1944), ski jumpers
  • Trond -Arne Bredesen (born 1967 ), Nordic combined

Personalities who have worked in this city