Granada metro

The light rail Granada (Spanish Metro de Granada ) is a light rail network, which is currently in Granada (Andalusia, Spain ) and its metropolitan area is built. The construction of the first line began in 2007. Rail runs in the future by Granada and the cities Albolote, Maracena and Armilla. The route length is 15.9 km. In the center of the city of Granada, the route will run in the tunnel, the rest of it remains above ground. A total of 83 % of the route are exposed to the air, the rest of the tunnel.

Originally the light rail should be opened already in 2012. In May 2011, 73 % of the route was completed. But as a result of the Spanish financial crisis were instead of the original 502 million euro, 250 million euro available. In 2012, the European Investment Bank pledged to a loan of 260 million euros for the remaining funds. Completion is now scheduled for early 2014.