Grand Canyon (1958 film)

Grand Canyon is an American short film by James Algar from the year 1958. It was produced by Walt Disney.


The film begins with the Opening a sheet of music. It shows notes of the opening Painted Desert Sunrise & the Grand Canyon Suite. To follow music recordings of the Grand Canyon in the morning sun with mountains that appear in yellow light. Aerial photographs of a rainbow lead to scenes on the water on that end with images of rapids and whirlpools. Following is the set of On the Trail with big cats, mice and wild hunt, spiders, snakes and skunks that are trying to survive in their own way, and, finally, the leaves fall in autumn.

Cloudburst shows impressive cloud formations, fast moving clouds and the transition from sun to heavy thunderstorms and blizzards in winter. At the end of the Grand Canyon is quiet there, covered by a blanket of snow. Sunset & Finale shows the transformation of the landscape from winter to spring, the blooming of flowers and cacti as well as the eagle, which just so a young rabbit can escape. The eagle is where to flight, and the camera follows him, with aerial photographs of the Grand Canyon. The sun goes down and bathes the landscape into darkness.


Grand Canyon shows images of the Grand Canyon to the Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofé. Played by the Orchestra Kurt Graunke, conducted by Friedrich starch (as Frederick Stark). The color film was realized in Cinemascope. It was created in cooperation with the National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park and the Arizona -Sonora Desert Museum. The animation effects come from nature Riley. The film was first published on 17 December 1958. He also ran on 29 January 1959 in combination with Sleeping Beauty in the American cinema.


Grand Canyon won the 1959 Oscar for Best Short Film.