Grand Italian Trail

The Sentiero Italia (SI ) is a 6,000 km long distance hiking trail which runs in more than 300 daily stages throughout Italy.


The Sentiero Italia begins in Trieste, undergoes counterclockwise the entire Alpine arc, following the Apennines to the south and crosses Sicily and Sardinia. On long sections it is identical with older regional trails, such as in Piedmont Western Alps arc with the 55 -day Traversata Grande delle Alpi, in the Ligurian Apennines with the Alta Via dei Monti Ligurian and Tuscan Apennines with the Grande Escursione Appenninica. The flag is red-white- red with black lettering "SI" Where the course is not based on other long-distance routes, it is not marked in most cases.


The idea for the Sentiero Italia was formulated in 1983. 1995 committed a group of hikers all the way in eight months; a further overall inspection was carried out in 1999.