Grand Tourer Injection

Gran Turismo injection ( short GTI ) is used as a type abbreviation for automobiles having particularly sporty character and gasoline direct injection engine. It is used as an abbreviation for Volkswagen Grand Tourisme Injection. Since construction of the first VW Golf GTI 1976, it is the name for some of the most powerful, high performance models.

Among other things, in Germany and the U.S. GTI is a registered trademark of Volkswagen AG. Other manufacturers used the GTI abbreviation to identify especially powerful models, but only where Volkswagen AG has no rights to the brand. Thus, the image Citroën GTI, for example, protected, inter alia in France since 1977.

Following a complaint by the car brand Suzuki Volkswagen had to suffer a defeat in March 2012 before the Court of the European Union. The court ruled that there is no danger of confusion between the marks " GTI " and " SWIFT GTI ". VW now wants to continue in the next instance of the process.

Other manufacturers of car models with GTI - character or sometimes called GTI:

  • Seat (for example Ibiza, Cordoba)
  • Rover (for example, 114, 216)
  • Mitsubishi ( for example C50 Colt, Colt CA0, Lancer C50 )
  • Nissan (for example, Almera or Sunny)
  • Peugeot (for example, 205, 309, 206, 308 ( 2007), 208 or 308 (2013 ) )
  • Suzuki (eg Swift)
  • Toyota ( for example Celica )
  • Volkswagen (eg VW Golf and VW Polo)
  • Citroen (eg Citroen Visa)