Grandselve Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Fontfroide Abbey ( 1146 ) Monastery Calers ( 1148 ) Monastery Candeil (1150 /52) Monastery Santes Creus ( 1152 )

The monastery Grandselve ( Grandis silva ) is a former Cistercian abbey in the town of Bouillac in Tarn- et- Garonne, Midi- Pyrénées, France. It lay northwest of Toulouse and 14 km east of Beaumont -de- Lomagne.


The first dependent monastery Cadouin monastery was founded by Geraud de Sales as a Benedictine monastery in the year 1114 and joined under Abbot Bertrand I. 1145 as a daughter house of the Abbey Primary Clairvaux Cistercian order, and quickly became one of the richest monasteries in the south of France. Probably at the end of the 12th century, begun in 1253 and consecrated church was over 100 m long and 20 m wide. The possessions are said to have amounted to about 20000 ha and were distributed among 25 Gran Gien. 1281 founded the abbey of the Collège de Saint -Bernard in Toulouse. His filiation included the monasteries Fontfroide, Calers ( 1147 ), Candeil and Santes Creus in Spain (both 1150 ). The decline of the monastery began in the 14th century. The Hundred Years' War, it was on the side of France. The two houses that had it in Bordeaux, were completely destroyed in him. The monks had to withdraw from Grenade in a house in the Bastide. In 1476 it fell into coming. In the wars of religion, the abbey was not affected, but some Gran Gien were devastated. In 1722 the income of the monastery was divided into the cafeteria of the abbot and of the Convention. In 1790 there were only 16 monks in the monastery, which fell into the French Revolution in March 1791 violent dispersal and was sold in August, 1791 and was discontinued after 1793.

Buildings and plant

From the monastery, a system that met the Map bern hardin (written south - left - of the cruciform church with a straight Ostabschluss ) only the gatehouse has received. Around 1970 floor tiles of the monastery were discovered on site.