Hemigrapsus nudus, Puget Sound, Washington, USA

The superfamily: Grapsoidea are a superfamily of crustaceans from the partial order of the crabs ( Brachyura ) in the order of decapods ( Decapoda ). They live semi -aquatic (half on land and half in the water) to both freshwater as well as at sea. They appear mainly in the tropics, only a few species live in temperate latitudes.


According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System ( ITIS) is the superfamily of superfamily: Grapsoidea from six families. Within this classification, however, only the families Grapsidae, Sesarmidae and Varunidae are monophyletic. Within the Sesarmidae the genera Chiromantes and Parasesarma are probably not monophyletic.

  • Gecarcinidae, land crabs Cardisoma Cardisoma armatum, harlequin shrimp
  • Gecarcoidea natalis, Christmas Island Crab
  • Glyptograpsidae Glyptograpsus
  • Geograpsus
  • Goniopsis
  • Grapsus
  • Leptograpsus
  • Metopograpsus
  • Pachygrapsus
  • Planes
  • Euchirograpsus
  • Percnon
  • Plagusia
  • Aratus
  • Armases
  • Chiromanntes
  • Clistocoeloma
  • Episesarma
  • Geosesarma, vampire crabs
  • Holometopus
  • Metopaulias
  • Neosarmatium
  • Parasesarma
  • Pseudosesarma, mangrove crabs
  • Sarmatian
  • Selatium
  • Sesarma
  • Sesarmoides
  • Sesarmops
  • Brachynotus
  • Chasmagnathus
  • Cyclograpsus
  • Cyrtograpsus
  • Eriocheir Eriocheir sinensis, Chinese mitten crab