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Gratkorn is a market town with 7583 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the north of Graz, Styria in the district Graz-Umgebung.

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Community structure

The municipality comprises the following five villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Forstviertel ( 496 )
  • Freßnitzviertel ( 761 )
  • Kirchenviertel ( 5520 )
  • Sankt Veit (232 )
  • Unterfriesach ( 529)

The municipality comprises the cadastral Forstviertel, Freßnitz, Friesach -St. Stefan, Gratkorn -St. Veit whether Graz and church district.

Geographical Location

Gratkorn is situated on the Mur opposite ( east ) of Gratwein, north of Graz, in Styria.


Gratkorn Gratkorn is in the basin, which opens up to the West Styrian Riedland and forms a widening of the Murtal.

Expansion of the local area

The municipality does not have a closed local area, but has a large-scale colonization with multiple centers. Nevertheless, a majority of the area is uninhabited, forested or in agricultural use.

Neighboring communities



Economy and infrastructure


The proximity to Graz Gratkorn is very conveniently located. Through the municipal area leads the Phyrn motorway ( A 9), which can be reached via the interchanges Gratkorn - North (170) and Gratkorn (173). In the municipality there are two tunnels are in the course of A 9: the Tunnel North, with around 650 meters in length and the tunnel south with about 800 meters in length. The Grazer Straße ( B 67 ) passes directly through the municipal area.

The station is located under the name of Gratkorn Gratwein - Gratkorn about 1 kilometers away in the neighboring village of Gratwein and provides access to the southern runway with hourly S- Bahn trains (S1). There are scheduled buses to Graz.

Graz Airport is approximately 22 km away.

Established businesses

The largest employer is the company Sappi Austria Production GmbH & Co KG. Furthermore, to mention are Concept Technologie GmbH, Philips Semiconductors ( since October 1, 2006: NXP Semiconductors), Prangl Ges.mbH, Trinkl transports Ges.mbH. Furthermore, located in Gratkorn a test track of AVL List.

Public institutions

The market town of Gratkorn has some facilities for the residents. Library, youth center, Kinderfreundebad, several kindergartens, music and art school, after-school care, sports hall, sports stadium, ... In addition, there is the Hackher barracks in the Austrian army. In it are parts of the supply Regiment 1 (VR1 ), which is composed of the Kirchner barracks in Graz and the Hackher barracks in Gratkorn stationed.


There are two primary schools and a new middle school in the community. The polytechnic school is also a part of the educational landscape. Secondary schools are within easy reach (Graz, clean ).

Culture and sights


The resident of the town football club FC Gratkorn currently playing in the third highest Austrian league, the Regional center.

Also featured in Gratkorn also a basketball club, which is a section of ATUS Gratkorn. The men's team of the ATUS Gratkorn, the G- State Scorpions played in the 2009/2010 season in the 2nd Basketball Bundesliga ( Austria ), where she finished 6th place at the end of the season. The women's team, the G- State Scorpion Ladies, currently playing in the Austrian Frauenbasketballiga (Austrian Women Basketball League, short AWBL ).


Sons and daughters of the town:

  • Karl Rinner (1912-1991), Austrian surveyor, was born and raised in Gratkorn