Gravesend, Kent

51.4419444444440.37083333333333Koordinaten: 51 ° 27 'N, 0 ° 22' O

Gravesend is a port city in the county of Kent in England on the south bank of the River Thames with about 51,400 inhabitants. It has to help the navigation on the River Thames on a pilot station. Since the 15th century, passengers can catch a boat to London from Gravesend, Gravesend since 1562 has the municipal law. The main products include paper, cement and rubber products. 1617 died here on the way home the squaw Pocahontas. The name derives from the English grove 's ( Forest) and end ( end ) from. But in the Domesday Book ( 1086 ) is called the village Gravesham (home of the Earl ).

The Gravesend - Tilbury ferry across the Thames connects with Essex.