Bluetooth, GPRS

The Green Phone was developed by Trolltech mobile phone that uses the Linux -based operating system Qtopia. First Linux-based mobile phone with exchangeable, modifiable firmware, it should promote the use of Linux on mobile phones and smartphones. It was initially intended for developers and was produced by Trolltech's Chinese partner company Yahua Teltech only available in limited edition.

In addition to a GSM interface and GPRS support, it has a mini USB port that enables the firmware can be replaced, a Bluetooth interface and a slot for miniSD cards.


It was released in a limited edition of 2006. It should give developers the opportunity to test Qtopia programs on a mobile phone. For this purpose, the software is available under a free license ( free software). Exceptions were, however, until the release of Qtopia 4.3 for example, the proprietary package management and protocol stack. Since then, however, these parts are released under the free GNU General Public License (GPL), which allows the device have since been operated without proprietary software. With the advent of the Neo FreeRunner from Openmoko project it was unnecessary for these objectives. According to Trolltech announced on 22 October 2007 and announced the end of production to create instead focus on the Openmoko platform. (Qt Extended is now an alternative to the OpenEmbedded -based Openmoko system on the FreeRunner is available. )