Gregorio Barbarigo

Gregorio Barbarigo ( born September 16, 1625 Venice, † June 18, 1697 in Padua ) was a cardinal and is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Gregorio Barbarigo was son of the future senator Gian Francesco Barbarigo and Lugrezia Lion. At the University of Padua, he studied philosophy, law, mathematics, Greek and history, until he was recalled in 1644 by his father home.

Gregorio Barbarigo was bishop of Bergamo 1657-1664 and Bishop of Padua from 1664 to 1697. Even during his lifetime he was worshiped by the people because of his deep piety. He died on 18 June 1697 in Padua. Pope John XXIII. spoke to him on May 26, 1960 holy.