The plateau overlooking the south west


The Greinapass (Italian Passo del Greina, Romansh: Pass Crap? / I ) in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland is an Alpine crossing from north to south, which has been used together with the Lukmanierpass by the Romans. It reaches an altitude of 2'355 m above sea level. M..

Greina level

The Greina, Romansh Plaun la Greina is an approximately six kilometers long and one kilometer wide plateau at an altitude of around 2200 meters. The pristine natural landscape 1948/49, and 1985, was as protests nationwide against a hydroelectric project with Reservoir Greina became known. Due to the higher potential gradient the water of the northern watershed of the Rhine belong area on the southern side would have been the turbines there. The first concession was awarded in 1916, for the last project, a construction for 1991 was planned. It was withdrawn on 22 December 1986.

The habitat diversity of the levels is exceptional and unique. For this reason, the Greina plateau was recorded in 1996 as a protection zone of the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance.

A popular base for hiking is the built in 1925, Terri Hut, owned by the Piz Terri section of the Swiss Alpine Club in the north of the plane lying terrain own chamber. To the west lies the Greinapass Capanna Scaletta Società Ticinese Alpinistica SAT.

The plateau level to be part of the planned 2015 Adula.


There are various approaches and touring opportunities in the area. In summer, the Terri Hut can be reached on trails of the Grisons side of Vrin from (Bus ) via pass Diesrut, of Rabius from ( station ) through the Val Sumvitg and a partly steep increase in Crest la Greina. From the Ticino side is started in Olivone (Bus ) or Campo. From there, either the Lago di Luzzone along to Motterasciohütte and on over the Pass Crap, or the Val Camadra up to the pass la Greina.

The regular post bus lines are extended in the summer by the "Bus Alpin": From Vrin after Puzzatsch, of Rabius after Runcahez and Olivone to Pian Geirètt on Lake Luzzone.


Looking West

Piz Terri

Diesrut pass before descending to Vrin