Gresham College

Gresham College is an independent educational institution in London, which goes back to a foundation of Sir Thomas Gresham in 1597.

The Gresham College has no enrolled students and grants no title, but provides both public, academic lectures. In this sense it is similar to the Collège de France in Paris. The Gresham College appoints renowned scientists as professors who teach at the same time mostly at universities. Hold six lectures a year and are appointed for three years.

The original seven professorships passed in the subjects: Mathematics ( " geometry" ), medicine ( " physic " ), astronomy, music, rhetoric, law, theology. These subjects were also major subjects, which was taught at universities in the 16th century. For historical reasons, the designations of mathematics and medicine from the use of language differ. Since 1985 there are additional professor of trade, since 2000 Visiting professors are also awarded for other subjects, in 2009, for example, of American ( american studies ).

University teachers (selection)

Again and again teach important university teacher at the college. Among them are or were: