Grethe Ingmann

Grethe Ingmann ( born June 17, 1938 as Grethe Clemmensen; † 18 August 1990) was a Danish singer.


Only 17 years old, she was discovered when she helped out at a band and was heard on the radio. Shortly thereafter, she met jazz guitarist Jørgen Ingmann, whom she also married in 1956. As a duo, they've made ​​soon earned a reputation in Scandinavia.

Your greatest common success came in 1963 when they only subsequently the Euro Vision Song Contest won with Dansevise ( " dance song" ), the Danish Trials and the first Scandinavian artist. The German version of the title was The summer passed.

Mid-60s took Grethe Ingmann also at the German Schlager Festival part (1963 and 1965 ), but other than a moderate success for The King of Soho was her breakthrough in Germany denied. The song Summer Wind with music by Henry Mayer and lyrics by Hans Bradtke, with whom she unsuccessfully took in 1965 at the Festival and of the she recorded for the record label Metronome completed in German and a Danish version, in 1966 in the English translation of Johnny Mercer worldwide hit for Frank Sinatra.

Despite their failures at the festivals they still made ​​until the mid- 70s with her husband in her native Denmark and Scandinavia successful shots. Then, however, failed her marriage and Jørgen and Grethe Ingmann divorced in 1975.

Then she took a few more times at the Danish Grand Prix Trials in part, missed participating in the Euro Vision Song Contest but just in 1979 only in the runoff. Until the 80s she continued in show business before she developed cancer late 80s and died in 1990.