Grethe Kausland

Grethe Kausland ( born July 3, 1947 in Horten, † November 16, 2007 in Oslo) was a Norwegian singer and actress, known in his early years as a child star.

As an eight year old Grethe Kausland won in a singing competition, the resulting single Teddyen min ` sold 100,000 times and became a radio hit. A further twelve single releases as Lille Grethe followed and from 1957 she starred in five feature films. Together with Benny Borg they won the Melodi Grand Prix in 1972 and was therefore entitled to take the Euro Vision Song Contest 1972 for Norway. With the hit Småting the duo reached place 14 From this time Kausland joined the music - comedy troupe Dizzie Tunes, with whom she had released eight albums until 1992.

From 1996 Kausland was also an actress in Norwegian television series, seen mostly sitcoms. She died in 2007 from lung cancer.