Greve Municipality

The Greve Kommune is a Danish municipality on Zealand in Region Sjælland with 47 980 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The main town of Greve beach itself is since 2007 part of the Capital Region Hovedstadsområdet, but not the rural portions of the municipality. It thus forms the only hotel outside the Capital Region part of the settlement area closed to København (English: Copenhagen) around.

In addition to the main town of Greve beach, there is the municipality Karl Lunde also from the little southern town beach and the north-east of Greve beach town Hundige beach. All three villages are coastal cities with long beaches Køge Bugt and to have breakpoints for the Copenhagen suburban trains, so that the Danish capital is the S -Bahn just 20 minutes.

In the hinterland of the four villages of Greve, Karl Lunde, Kildebronde and Tune, which are also districts. The municipality takes total an area of 60.2 km ².

Villages in the municipality

The municipality's territory the following parishes and villages are more than 200 inhabitants ( byer as defined by the Danish Bureau of Statistics ), with a registered population of zero, the place in the past had more than 200 inhabitants:

Development of Population (1 January ):

Daughters and sons of the Commune

  • Mie Bekker Lacota (* 1988), cyclist