Narrow- star bush ( Grewia tenax )

Star bushes ( Grewia ), also called Grewien or star flowers are the most species-rich plant genus in the subfamily Grewioideae, which belongs to the mallow family. The genus Grewia include about 150-290 species. Fossil, the genus is already known in the Tertiary strata. The extant species have areas in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia and Australia.


Grewia species grow as shrubs or small trees; some types clamber or climb. The usually alternate, simple, petiolate leaves have a smooth, serrated or rarely sinuate leaf margin; they can be slightly hairy on the top and bottom. Stipules are present.

The flowers appear singly or a few together in zymösen inflorescences. The hermaphrodite flowers are fünfzählig. The five free sepals are leathery and usually colored, not green. The five free petals are usually shorter than the sepals. Nectar glands can sit on the petals or on the Androgynophor. The most numerous (8 to 40 or more), sit with each other not fused stamens spread over the very different lengths Androgynophor. The two to four carpels are fused into a superior ovaries, which is located at the upper end of the Androgynophors.

The stone fruits are roundish to significantly vierlappig ( which is also used for this species in the common South African name "Cross -berry " or " Four -corner " for the expression).


The genus name honors the English Grewia physician and botanist Nehemiah Grew ( 1628-1682 ). Synonyms for Grewia L. are Chadara Forsk. , Microcos L., Vinticena Steud ..

The genus Grewia was made earlier to the linden family ( Tiliaceae ). The genus Grewia includes about 150-290 species ( selection):

  • Grewia abutilifolia Vent ex Juss.
  • Grewia acuminata Bedd.
  • Grewia asiatica L. (syn.: Grewia subinaequalis DC, Grewia hainesiana Hole, Microcos lateriflora L.. )
  • Grewia aurantiaca Weim.
  • Grewia avellana Hiern
  • Grewia bicolor Juss.
  • Grewia bilamellata Gagnep.
  • Grewia biloba G.Don
  • Grewia caffra Meisn.
  • Grewia calymmatosepala K.Schum.
  • Grewia cyclopetala Wawra
  • Grewia Damine Gaertn. ( Syn: Grewia salviifolia B.Heyne ex Roth)
  • Grewia decemovulata Merxm.
  • Grewia eriocarpa Juss. ( Syn: Grewia elastica Royle )
  • Grewia flava DC. ( Syn: Grewia cana Sond. )
  • Grewia flavescens Juss.
  • Grewia glabra Blume
  • Grewia gracillima Wild
  • Grewia helicterifolia Wall. & G. Don
  • Grewia herbacea Welw. ex Hiern
  • Grewia Hexamita burret
  • Grewia hirsuta Vahl
  • Grewia hornbyi Wild
  • Grewia inaequilatera Garcke
  • Grewia inflexa Merr.
  • Grewia krebsiana Kuntze
  • Grewia kwebensis N. E. Br
  • Grewia lasiocarpa E.Mey. ex Harv.
  • Grewia lepidopetala Garcke
  • Grewia messinica Burtt Davy & Greenway
  • Grewia micrantha Boii
  • Grewia microcarpa K.Schum.
  • Grewia mollis Juss.
  • Grewia monticola Sond.
  • Grewia multiflora Juss.
  • Grewia obliqua Weim.
  • Lavender Star Flower ( Grewia occidentalis L.)
  • Grewia pachycalyx K.Schum.
  • Grewia palawanensis Merr.
  • Grewia piscatorum Hance
  • Grewia praecox K.Schum.
  • Grewia pyriformis Merr.
  • Grewia retinervis burret
  • Grewia retusifolia short
  • Grewia rhombifolia Kanehira & Sasaki
  • Grewia rizalensis Merr.
  • Grewia robusta Burch.
  • Grewia sapida Roxb.
  • Schinzens raisin bush ( Grewia schinzii K.Schum. )
  • Grewia sclerophylla Roxb. ex G.Don
  • Grewia serrata Blanco
  • Grewia setacea Merr.
  • Grewia stolzii Ulbr.
  • Grewia stylocarpa Warblers.
  • Grewia subspathulata N.E.Br.
  • Grewia sulcata mast.
  • Narrow- star bush ( Grewia tenax ( Forssk. ) Fiori, Syn: Grewia populifolia Vahl, Chadara betulaefolia Juss, Chadara erythraea Schweinf, Chadara tenax Forssk. .. )
  • Grewia tiliifolia Vahl
  • Shaggy raisin bush ( Grewia villosa Willd, Syn. Grewia orbiculata G.Don, Grewia corylifolia A.Rich, Grewia echinulata Delile. )


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