Gries am Brenner

Gries am Brenner is a municipality in the district of Innsbruck Land, in the state of Tyrol in Austria. It has already been mentioned as a village on Brennerpassweg in Roman times. The municipality is located in the judicial district of Innsbruck.

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The border community in South Tyrol ( Italy) is located at the Brenner Pass in the North Tyrol part of the Wipptal. The place is a scattered village, which is surrounded by other hamlets and individual farms. The south hamlet on Lueg was a customs office in the Middle Ages.


The districts of Gries am Brenner are:

  • Planks,
  • Untergries,
  • Obergries,
  • Ritten,
  • Lueg,
  • Brennersee,
  • Venn,
  • Brenner ( right ),
  • Neder,
  • Plattl,
  • Hölden,
  • Vinaders,
  • Au,
  • Alley,
  • Egg and
  • Nösslach.

Neighboring communities


Ever since the Roman times Gries is an important stop before the pass, on the way to the south. Many famous historical figures made ​​their way over the Alps rest here, as Charlemagne, Albrecht Dürer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Since the completion of the Brenner highway, transit traffic no longer passes through the village, and Gries has become a fairly quiet resort without mass tourism. The road inns exist here partly for centuries.




The last mayor elections took place simultaneously with the local elections on March 14, 2010.

Karl Mühlsteiger was elected mayor and Andreas Vogel Berger as Vice Mayor. This was decided in a runoff election.

Coat of arms

Blazon: On golden shield three black, three times crenellated, adjoining towers, two on the top, one in the center of the lower half of the shield.

In 1973 awarded community emblem symbolizes the three towers which is important for securing the burner road fortification on Lueg with the outworks on Schloßögg and the Morhäusl, illustrating the important role of transport burner for Gries. At the same time the number three is reminiscent of the three Riegate Nösslach, rides and Vinaders that were contracted in 1811 to the municipality Gries.

Culture and sights

  • Castle Lueg am Brenner

The community is as sights to a Bergwerksweg and St. James Church.


Seasonally dependent concerts held in small groups, is also worth seeing the Almauf input and output.

Tourism and Sport

The burner mountains are popular as ski touring and hiking area. At the 2115 m high marginal saddle mountain was when Sattelbergalm a ski resort. The lift was shut down in 2006. In summer quite the hiking is on the agenda, is also Farm holidays on offer. And the responsible tourist Wipptal advertises mountain biking.


  • Tobias Moretti ( born 1959 ), theater and film actor
  • Andreas Hörtnagl (* 1942), 1980-1992 Mayor
  • Günther Mader (born 1964 ), former Austrian ski racer