Grifols, SA is a Spanish multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company. It mainly manufactures derivatives of blood plasma and is in this sector market leader in Europe. The company also provides medical products and starting materials for test labs. Grifols is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange since May 2006 and was admitted 35 stock market index in January 2008 in the IBEX.


Grifols is one of the largest manufacturers of IVIG, albumin, coagulation factor VIII and other Derivanten of blood plasma.


, 2007, the company has a capacity of 3.6 million liters of plasma fractionation per year.

  • Work Parets del Vallès, Spain: Capacity 2.1 million liters pa
  • Los Angeles plant: Capacity 1.5 million liters pa


Grifols was founded in 1940 by Dr. José Antonio Grifols Roig, a haematologist and scientists. Grifols Roig published in 1951 as first the procedure for plasmapheresis. The company introduced its human immunoglobulin for intravenous administration (IVIG ) in the mid 1990s in the European market. In 2003, the company Grifols Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles.