Grigorovich I-Z

Grigorovich IZ (Russian Григорович И - Ц ) is the name for a Soviet single-engine fighter aircraft which was used the mid-1930s. With him, the experiments were continued with the einschüssigen, recoilless Kurschewski -DRP - gun, who had taken the Tupolev I-4 began.


Dmitry Grigorovich based his design off of I -5, which he had developed together with Nikolai Polikarpov. From it he took over the forward fuselage and the drive. The guns were mounted under the wings, a light machine gun PW -1 in Hull served for them in aiming.

Two designated as ZKB -7 prototypes were built. The first saw the maiden flight in the summer of 1931 with pilot B. L. Bucholz, the second the following year with J. Piontkowski. They were still equipped with Jupiter VI of Gnôme -Rhône, the series machines were Soviet M -22 under license.

From 1933 to 1936 was the production of 71 IZ, 21 were in the aircraft factory in Moscow and built 50 aircraft factory Kharkov. They were mostly used for testing purposes, since the DRP gun not proven and wish the flight characteristics remains to them. Some copies came with the project Sweno used.


The IZ was constructed in low-wing configuration, kept the hull in all-metal semi- monocoque construction. Of the wing consisting of a metal frame covered with fabric, and was, as the stabilizer, braced. The struts went to the rigid main landing gear, which had a continuous axis. At the rear, there was a tail skid.


  • Wingspan: 11.50 m
  • Length: 7.65 m
  • Wing area: 19,50 m²
  • Empty weight: 1180 kg
  • Maximum take-off mass: 1648 kg
  • Drive: a 9-cylinder radial engine M -22 with 358 kW ( 480 hp )
  • Maximum speed: 260 km / h near the ground
  • Service ceiling: 7000 m
  • Range: 600 km
  • Armament: two 7.62 -inch guns DRP / APK under the wings
  • A 7.62 -mm MG PW -1
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