Grit Breuer

Grit Breuer ( born February 16, 1972 in Robel / Müritz) is a former German track and field athlete.

Your parade route were the 400 meters, where she was European and World silver medalist. In addition, they could win numerous successes with the 4 x 400 - meter relay.

By 1990 they started for the GDR. Early age of 16, she participated in the 1988 Olympics and was used in the flow of the 4 x 400 - meter relay team that won the bronze medal in the finals.

She belonged to the communist era the SC Neubrandenburg, later the LT 1895 Hanover, the OSC Berlin and finally the SC Magdeburg, where she was coached by Thomas Springstein, who later became her partner.

On 23 July 1992, the substance clenbuterol was detected in a urine sample Grit Breuer as part of a doping control. This was contained in an asthma medication, which she took with him. Since the agent was not yet at this time on the doping list, locked the DLV Breuer for a year because of drug abuse. The IAAF extended this ban to two more years, which was based on unsportsmanlike conduct. Grit Breuer therefore brought together with Katrin Krabbe, which was evident with the same control, with the same results, one procedure. They even left the legal action later, however, during the International Association of Athletics Federations Katrin Krabbe finally successfully fought DM 1.2 million because of unacceptable restriction of the freedom of occupation.

On 28 December 2005 Grit Breuer announced the end of her career as a competitive athlete. You have recently repeatedly experienced any health problems that athlete justified its decision.

On 20 November 2006, launched an investigation on suspicion of violation of the anti - doping rule violation based on information from the proceedings against the athletics coach Thomas Springstein, among others, against Grit Breuer. All resulting from the documentation of Springstein If investigations, however, were terminated without result. In the case Grit Breuer was decided on a temporary setting because of their association outlet, and in the case of another sports practice, the case should proceed.

In their active Breuer weighed 63 kg at 1.66 m height.

Grit Breuer is currently working as a fitness trainer and Golf Coordinator at Hotel Neptun in Warnemünde.

Successes in detail

With the 49.42 s at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo Breuer presented a existing to this day junior world record (as of August 2009). Also about 4 times 4 times 100 and 400 meters was between Breuer time with the GDR - season co-owner of the respective Junior World Records.