Gross Ruchen

The majority Ruchen is a 3,138 m above sea level. M. high mountain in the Glarus Alps in the Swiss canton of Uri. He is part of the flow from east to west massive rock chain Clariden, Chammliberg, wholesale and chli Schärhorn, chli Ruchen, United Ruchen, United Windgällen, chli Windgällen which lies between the northern and the southern Schächental running Maderanertal. To the north this chain coincides with steep cliffs, which reach a height of over 1000 meters, from.

To the east of the summit is approximately 100 hectares Ruchenfirn. Below the mighty north face of the Brunnital takes its origin.

The majority Ruchen was first climbed on July 12, 1864 by the Englishman John Sowerby with the leaders Ambros Zgraggen and Josef Maria Tresch - Exer.

The walls of large and chli Ruchen are separated by the Ruch Chälen, a steep Firncouloir. Through this up to 40 ° steep couloir the easiest ascent leads to the Ruchenfirn and from there to the summit. This route is also considered one of the most sophisticated and spacious ski tours in Central Switzerland.

By the mighty northern wall leads an alpine climbing route in III. Difficulty.

The 700 -meter-high north-east wall was first climbed by Urs Odermatt and Stefan Tuni 1999.