Grumman F9F Panther

The Grumman F9F "Panther " was a one-beam fighter-bomber of the U.S. American manufacturer Grumman. It was developed for the United States Navy, where he was one of the first trägergestützen jet pattern. Beginning of the 1950s Grumman developed a version with swept wings, the F9F Cougar.


The Grumman F9F "Panther" was due to a design that was presented by Grumman in 1946 to the Bureau of Aeronautics. In September 1946, three prototypes were ordered, who should receive the British jet engine Rolls- Royce Nene. The first flight of the "Panther" was held on 24 November 1947. In February 1948, the prototypes were given additional tanks at the wing tips, the standard was later. In October 1948, a trial of carrier suitability was performed. From May 1949 This can machine was manufactured in series. This aircraft was the most flown Navy fighter in the Korean War. Upon their retirement, some machines were converted to target drones.



  • United States Navy
  • United States Marine Corps