Grundig Business Systems

The Grundig Business Systems GmbH (GBS ) is a German company with 125 employees at locations in Bayreuth and Nuremberg. She is since 2001 an independent corporation and manufactures analog and digital voice recorders "Made in Germany". The second pillar of the company is the contract manufacturing (Electronic Manufacturing Services).


Since came the first Grundig dictation machine on the market over 50 years ago with the Stenorette A, the company has continuously offered language processing solutions. Developed in 1983 by Grundig Steno - Cassette 30 was raised to the DIN standard, 1995, the company developed a joint project of the International Voice Association the Digital Speech Standard. Dss. Under the name of the voice recorders Grundig Business Systems division is the end of 2003, regardless of the former Grundig parent company.


In 1954, Grundig his first voice recorder on the market - the " Stenorette ". The voice recorder was named for its first green housing at the factory jargon " tree frog ". Three years later, Max Grundig opened in Bayreuth which, he says, " largest tape recorder factory of the world ". In this work, Grundig Business Systems produced to date voice recorders. The mid-sixties the number of employees rose to 2,000 employees in Bayreuth.

In the 70s Grundig led to the steno-cassette 30, the first Minicassette with integrated band display and produced the Stenorette 2002, the first desktop dictation with the stenocassette K 30, and the Stenorette SL, a mobile dictation system for the office and the go. Both products were produced almost 20 years.

In 1983, the steno-cassette 30 to the DIN standard (DIN 32750 ) was charged.

At the beginning of the 1990s brought with GBS PC dictation 2000, the world's first digital dictation system on the market. For the first time digitized voice information will be stored on the hard disk of the PC. In the course of the decade of DSS (Digital Speech Standard ) developed and implemented as a joint project of the IVA (International Voice Association, consisting of Grundig, Olympus and Philips) by Grundig.

In 2001, dictation machines activities were spun off from Grundig AG and transferred to a separate company: the Grundig Business Systems GmbH continues to operate profitably. She was not affected by the subsequent insolvency of Grundig AG. A year later, the first digital voice recorder of the brand Digta came on the market. Grundig Business Systems GmbH (today INDUC GmbH) acquired in 2003 by the INDUC AG. Finally, in 2004 the Stenorette SD 4240, a writing system that analog and digital dictation appeared digitally processed. In 2005, GBS the world's first RFID scanner attachment for voice recorders on the market. The Digta 420, 2007 was the world's first mobile voice recorder with color display. It supports the optimized speech standard DSS Pro, developed by Philips, Olympus and Grundig. In 2008, GBS, the world's first wireless dictation microphone for professional users from: Digta CordEx. For this product GBS in March 2009, at CeBIT the IT Innovation Award 2009.

2011 brought Grundig Business Systems with the " Digta 7 " series, a new generation of digital voice recorders out. This consists of the Digta 7 Premium BT, the Digta 7 Premium, the Digta 7 and the Digta 7 Push. The Digta 7 Premium BT is the world's first dictation, dictations via bluetooth can be transferred to mobile delivery to a smartphone with the. A new recorders has also the slide switch with "Touch Pin ", have the three of the four devices. This is to feel the slide switch position allows for the "Touch Pin " always occurs out in the stop position of the slide switch.

For many years, Grundig Business Systems has been active in the fields of electronics and mechatronics in industrial contract manufacturing (Electronic Manufacturing Services). The spectrum ranges from using SMT (up to 01005 ), THT technology (including manual assembly, robots and selective soldering ) through to complete production of products for the automotive, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, railway, power plant technology and medical technology.

Grundig Business Systems is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, the stricter standards of the automotive industry (ISO / TS 16949 ) and to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004.

Stenorette SL in suitcase

Stenocassette 30

Digta CordEx of GBS

Digta 7 Premium with Digta Station 447 Plus