GSAT -12 is a commercial communications satellite of the Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO ).

He was placed in a geostationary orbit on July 15, 2011 at 11:18 UTC from the launch site of Satish Dhawan Space Centre 2 with an Indian PSLV rocket of the type -XL and to replace Insat -3B. The satellite was 1225 seconds after the start separated from the rocket and put into a 284 x 21,000 km transfer orbit at 17.9 ° inclination. The apogee of the satellite then took over the raising of the flight path in the final geostationary orbit.

The satellite is equipped with twelve C-band transponders and will provide the position of 83 degrees East along with Insat -2E and Insat -4A India with telecommunications services. Communication takes place via two antennas with 0.7 and 1.2 m in size. For the three-axis stabilization of the satellite with earth and sun sensors, Magnetic torquers, Reaction Wheels and eight 10 Newton and eight 22 Newton thrusters is fitted. It was built on the basis of the satellite bus I1K of ISRO and has a design life of seven years.