GSAT -5P (also called GSAT -5 prime or Insat - 4D) was a commercial communications satellite of the Indian GSAT series.

He should be brought to a GSLV rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Centre into geostationary orbit on 20 December 2010, replacing the previous satellite Insat -3E. Due to a leaky valve, the start was delayed until 25 December 2010. During the launch vehicle, there was a deviation of the path, and then the rocket exploded 63 seconds after launch due to self-destruction, and the satellite was lost.

The three -axis stabilized satellite was equipped with 24 normal and 12 extended C- band transponders and should provide the position of 55 degrees East India with telecommunications services. For the stabilization he was with sun and earth sensors, gyroscope, reaction wheel, magnetic torques, and eight of 10 - and 22 -Newton - equipped engines. It was built on the basis of the satellite bus i2k and had a projected lifespan of 13.7 years.