GT is an abbreviation for:

  • Gain of thyroid, the secretion of the thyroid gland
  • A gas turbine, an internal combustion engine
  • GB Airways ( IATA Code GT)
  • Building technology, building
  • Articulated cars (trams ), in particular: four-axle articulated cars, see GT4
  • Six-axle articulated cars, see GT6
  • Eight-axle articulated cars, see GT8

GT as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Germany: Kreis Gütersloh
  • United Kingdom: Brighton
  • Czech Republic: Gottwaldov ( discontinued)

GT ( an abbreviation for Gran Turismo ) is the model name for the following cars:

Gt stands for:

Gt stands for:

  • The country code top -level domain of Guatemala, see. gt

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