Position of the Guadalquivir in Andalusia

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The Guadalquivir [ gu̯aðalkiβiɾ ], with a length of 657 km of Spain's fifth longest river (after the Tagus, Ebro, Duero and Guadiana ) and the longest in Andalusia. The name comes from the Arabic al - Wad al - kabir or Wadi al- Kabir, الوادي الكبير, DMG al - Wādī l - Kabir, great river '. The river was named by Pre-Romanesque period to the al -Andalus period in Baetis ( later spelling Betis); therefore he was eponymous for the Roman province of Hispania Baetica.

It rises at Cañada de las Fuentes in the Sierra de Cazorla ( Jaén province ) runs past Córdoba and Seville and ends at Sanlúcar de Barrameda in the Gulf of Cádiz. The alluvial deposits in the lower reaches of the river is called " Las Marshes ". The Guadalquivir also borders the nature reserve of Doñana.

The Guadalquivir is the only navigable river in Spain. Currently, he is navigable for ocean-going vessels to Seville. In Roman times it was to drive to Córdoba.

The ancient city of Tartessos to have located on the estuary of the Guadalquivir; their exact location could not be determined until today.

Most important tributaries are Genil, Guadalbullon and Guadiana Menor.


Guadalquivir and the Quinto Centenario Bridge, Seville

Panorama Guadalquivir, Sevilla

It flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Sanlúcar de Barrameda