Guam Football Association

The Guam Football Association ( GFA ) is the association guamischer football clubs. It was founded in 1975. In 1992, at the Association of Asian Football Confederation and is a member of FIFA since 1996.

Guam is culturally influenced by the U.S. and therefore not the country of football. Football in Guam is still run as an amateur sport. As recently as 2009 succeeded the men's national soccer team 's first victory since joining the FIFA. 1-0 Mongolia was conquered. 2005 lost the team with 0:21 against North Korea. It was also the worst defeat of a national association of the AFC. For the final round of a major international tournament, the association at senior level previously could not qualify.


National Competitions

The following national competitions are held under the umbrella of GFA:

  • National Football League for men and women
  • Futsal National League for men and women

Guamische football championship

Main article: Guam League

The Guamische football championship in both the men's and women's football, the most important national title. The Football Men's Championship is played since 1990. First title winner was the University of Guam, Guam Shipyard 's master record. In the women's championship will be played in three different ways. In the spring of a championship will be held at 7 field players per team on a small pitch. During the summer, will be played as usual on large playing fields with 11 players. This is followed by an indoor championship connects. There are seven women's teams in the league.

Guamische Futsal Championship

Since 2005, the Association carries out a national Futsal Championship for men and women. Reigning champion of men are the Stryker.

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