Guarayos Province

- 15.333333333333 - 63.5Koordinaten: 15 ° 20 ' S, 63 ° 30 ' W

Guarayos is a province in the northwestern part of the Department of Santa Cruz in the lowlands of the South American Andean Republic of Bolivia.


The province is one of fifteen provinces in the department of Santa Cruz. It is bordered to the north and northwest by the Department of Beni, in the southwest of the province and the province Ichilo Obispo Santistevan, and to the south and east by the province Ñuflo de Chávez.

It extends between 13 ° 58 'and 16 ° 30' south latitude and 62 ° 29 'and 64 ° 44 ' west longitude, their east- west distance of up to 320 kilometers, its north-south extent of about 380 kilometers.


The population of the province Guarayos has risen in the past two decades to nearly three times:

Parts of the province inhabited by Guarayos - tribes, which since the end of the 16th century have their settlement area here.


The Guarayos province is divided into the following three counties ( bolivian: municipios ):

  • Municipio de Ascención Guarayos - 23,382 inhabitants (Update 2010)
  • Municipio El Puente - 13,300 inhabitants
  • Municipio Urubicha - 6,842 inhabitants