Guerrero is located on the Pacific coast, a state of Mexico, south of the capital. It is bordered on the west by Michoacan, Puebla and Morelos to the north and to the State of México. In the east it borders on Oaxaca. It has an area of 63,794 km ² with about 3.167 million residents.

It is named after Vicente Guerrero, a hero of the Revolutionary War, and was formed in 1849 from the coastal areas of the states of Mexico and Puebla.

Administratively the state is divided into 81 municipios. The capital is Chilpancingo, well-known cities are the seaside resort of Acapulco, once the most important Pacific port in the country, and the old silver town of Taxco, the colonial appearance makes it a major tourist attraction. Apart from tourism, there is little significant economic activities.

The state is known in Mexico for the prevailing situation of violence and widespread poverty, especially in rural and indigenous population.

Amnesty International, local human rights organizations such as Human Rights Center Tlachinollan, as well as the UN speak of human rights violations, including impunity, torture, unlawful arrests, disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Guerrero.

Several guerrilla groups are active in Guerrero, including the EPR and EPRI.