GUIdancer is an Eclipse -based tool Braunschweig GmbH Bredex for generating automated tests for graphical user interfaces. The tool can be run as a standalone application or as an Eclipse plugin. GUIdancer based on the Eclipse Jubula project and extended Jubula such features as code coverage, reporting and other toolkits.


GUIdancer different from other GUI test tools, in particular the fact that automated tests can be created before the creation of the application under test. It follows that GUIdancer is no tool for receiving and replaying the test. Rather automated test cases can be created directly from the requirements. No previous programming knowledge is required.

Test case creation

The test case generation is done by drag and drop from a library of atomic actions. Subsequently, have two defined by the user details for each step are input: a symbolic name for the tested GUI component and the necessary parameters (data) for the action. If you want a text (admin) in a text box ( username) enter, you would first add the action "replace text" drag and drop, and then enter the following details:

  • GUI component: Username
  • Parameters: admin

The GUI component and the parameters for the step can be added later or change. This tests remain as general as possible and reusable.

Object Mapping

The connection between the symbol name and the actual component in the application is performed by an " Object Mapping ". The to-use components to be collected from the application, and is connected to the corresponding symbolic names. For component recognition, a heuristic is used to find and modified components.

Since this connection is made late between the specification and the application under test to GUIdancer is particularly suitable for modern, agile software development processes and test driven development.


Once created, test cases can be reused any number of times to create different test cases. This is not a copy, but a reference. Thus can be performed centrally changes to keep the maintenance overhead minimal.

Supported GUI toolkits

GUIdancer support Java (Swing, SWT / RCP ), Web (HTML ). NET ( WinForms ) and iOS applications.

GUIdancer and Jubula

The end of 2010, the company announced, along with the version 5.0 in early 2011 to publish under the name Jubula Functional Testing Tool core parts of the software as open source, which has now been done.