Guidelines International Network

Amir Qaseem, chairman

The International Guidelines Network Guidelines International Network ( GIN) is a globally active scientific association of organizations and individuals who are active in the field of development and application of clinical practice guidelines. The network promotes application of the concepts of evidence-based medicine through the use of guidelines.

Members and organization

The network consists in April 2013 from 93 institutions in the field of guideline development - work distribution and application as well as 120 individual members. A total of 44 countries from all continents are represented in the network. Information about the members are available on the GIN website. GIN was founded in 2003 as a charitable organization ( Charity ) by Scots law (Scottish Charity Number SC243691 ) recognized.


Against the background of the activities of an international group of scientists that had the quality improvement of guidelines set a goal (called AGREE Collaboration), 2002, at the boarding school. Proposed guidelines of the conference AQuMed the establishment of an international organization and guidelines established in November 2002 in Paris as the Guidelines International Network GIN. For the first chairman of the Head of AQuMed, G. Ollenschläger was chosen.

Objectives and tasks

GIN has set itself the objective, activities, cooperation and information exchange to coordinate in the field of guidance work to strengthen and support us. For this purpose, dedicated GIN following tasks:

  • Promote the best possible healthcare through the use of evidence-based guidelines
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of evidence-based guideline development, adaptation, dissemination and implementation -
  • Promotion of networks and partnerships between guidelines - developing organizations, end users (such as healthcare providers, policy makers and patients) and stakeholders


The network operates with the International Guideline Library, the world's largest database of regularly updated guidelines and guidance documents. In October 2012, more than 6600 documents accessible.

GIN organized worldwide each year a GIN Conference: 2003 Edinburgh (UK ), 2004 Wellington (NZ ), 2005 Lyon (F ), 2006 Vienna (A ) & Budapest (HU ), 2007 Toronto (CA ), 2008 Helsinki ( FI), 2009 Lisbon ( PT ), 2010 Chicago (U.S. ), 2011 Seoul (KR ), 2012 Berlin ( DE), 2013 San Francisco ( U.S.), 2014 Melbourne ( AU).

GIN projects are being developed in various working groups, inter alia, to address the following topics:

  • Evidence tables
  • Guideline Adaptation
  • Guidelines implementation
  • Health professionals and guidelines
  • Public and patient involvement
  • Emergency care and guidelines