Guiding County

The circle Guiding (Chinese贵 定 县, Pinyin Guiding Xiàn ) is a district in the Autonomous Prefecture of Qiannan Bouyei and Miao in the southern Chinese province of Guizhou. Guiding has an area of ​​1630.8 km ² and has 288 200 inhabitants (2003 ). Its main town is the large village Chengguan (城关 镇).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circle of eight major towns and municipalities twelve sets together. These are:

  • Greater community Chengguan城关 镇
  • Greater community DEXIN德 新 镇
  • Greater community Xinba新 巴 镇
  • Greater community Panjiang盘 江镇
  • Greater community Yanshan沿 山镇
  • Greater community Jiuzhi旧 治 镇
  • Greater community Changming昌明 镇
  • Greater community Yunwu云雾 镇
  • Community Xinpu新 铺乡
  • Community Luobei洛 北 河乡
  • Community Machanghe马 场 河乡
  • Community Dingdong定 东乡
  • Community Dingnan定 南乡
  • Community Gonggu巩固 乡
  • Community Duliu都 六 乡
  • Community Yanxia岩 下乡
  • Community Houchangbao猴 场 堡乡
  • Community Baoguan抱 管 乡
  • Community Tiechang铁厂 乡
  • Community Yaoshang窑 上 乡


In the community Yanxia is a breeding station for Chinese giant salamander.