Guido Brignone

Guido Brignone (actually Giuda Brignone, December 6, 1886 in Milan, † March 6, 1959 in Rome ) was an Italian actor, film director and screenwriter.


He was born the son of theater and later film actor Giuseppe Brignone in Milan. Like his older sister Mercedes Guido devoted himself early on an artist's career and was initially a theater actor. With Mercedes he gained his first stage experience. In 1914 he moved with his deceased wife Lola Visconti in 1924 to Rome, where the couple has been joint artistic activities partly.

In 1915 Brignone began his career as a director with the silent film Odette, followed by popular film adaptations. The mid-1920s he was also in the German speaking through his Maciste films a name and eventually emigrated in 1927 due to a serious crisis of Italian cinema through France to Germany. Here are five feature film productions created. In 1930 he returned to Italy, where he headed until 1958 further production, some of which experienced a commercially successful film evaluation.

He is the father of actress Lilla Brignone.


Brignone was the first Italian film director who won at the International Film Festival in Venice the Coppa Mussolini for the best national film ( Teresa Confalonieri, 1934).

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