Guido Morselli

Guido Morselli ( born August 15, 1912 in Bologna, † 31 July 1973 in Varese ) was an Italian novelist.

Morselli, from which no novel was published during his lifetime, came in 1912 as the son of a wealthy businessman in Lombardy to the world; In 1914 the family lived in Milan. He studied law and received his doctorate 1935. 1973 he took, after years of rejections by publishers, life.

Works in German (selection)

  • Love of a daughter. translated by Ariana Giachi, (it.: Un dramma borghese ). Suhrkamp paperback publishing house, Frankfurt am Main 1988, ISBN 3-518-38068-0.
  • Rome without the Pope. Roman reports of the end of the twentieth century. (it.: Roma senza Papa)
  • Light at the end of the tunnel. (it.: Contro - passato prossimo ). Suhrkamp paperback publishing house, Frankfurt am Main 1977, ISBN 3-518-38707-3.
  • A trip to His Majesty - Divertimento in Switzerland.
  • Dissipatio humani generis or Loneliness.