Guimaras is an island province of the Philippines within the archipelago of the Visayas.

The population of the province is 162 943 ( census May 1 2010 ) People who live in an area of ​​604.6 km ². Capital is Jordan and is located in the northwest of the island.

The province comprises in addition to the main island of Guimaras a number of smaller islands in the southeast: the largest is Inampulugan, others are Panobolon, Guiwanon, Natunga and Nadolao. Guimaras formerly belonged to the neighboring province of Iloilo and was raised on 22 May 1992 into an independent province. In the waters of the province is the Taklong Iceland National Marine Reserve, it was founded in 1990 and is located in the municipality of Nueva Valencia.

The islands lie to the south of the province of Guimaras Strait between the major Philippine islands of Panay and Negros in the north to the east, the south lies the Gulf of Panay.

The province consists of five boroughs:

  • Jordan in the northwest
  • Buena Vista in the north
  • Nueva Valencia in the south west
  • San Lorenzo in the East
  • Sibunag in the southeast