Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands are a group of islands in the Strait of Georgia, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean between Vancouver Iceland and the coast of British Columbia. Much of the islands is part of the Gulf Islands National Park. The name of the island group derives from the name " Gulf of Georgia ", as keeping the strait even for a bay.

Respect to the allocation which islands belong to the group of islands, there are no clear rules or constraints. BC Geographical Names originally defined only the islands at the southern end of Vancouver Iceland as Gulf Islands. However, the islands are seen further north in the Strait of Georgia as part of the group since about 1990 Due to the use of language.

Since the islands are now commonly divided into the northern and southern Gulf Islands, there is a separation approximately along the line of Nanaimo on Vancouver Iceland to the mouth of the Fraser River on the mainland.

All major (larger) islands are accessible by ferry company BC Ferries.

Southern Gulf Islands

The southern Gulf Islands comprise several hundred islands and form part of an archipelago, which also includes the San Juan Islands are in the U.S.. The largest islands are Gabriola Iceland, Iceland Galiano, Kuper Iceland, Iceland Mayne, North and South Pender Islands, Salt Spring Iceland, Iceland Saturna, Thetis and Valdes Iceland Iceland.

The islands of the southern Gulf Iceland belong either to the Capital Regional District, the Cowichan Valley Regional District or the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Northern Gulf Islands

The Northern Gulf Islands Denman are Iceland, Iceland Hornby, Lasqueti and Texada Iceland Iceland.

The islands of the northern Gulf Iceland belong either to the Comox Valley Regional District Powell River Regional District or.

Chance also Cortes and Quadra Iceland Iceland are seen as part of the Gulf Islands. These are, however, no longer in the Strait of Georgia, but already in the Discovery Passage and is part of the Discovery Islands.


On the islands of the Gulf Iceland are various state national parks or provincial parks, including Gulf Islands National Park, Iceland Newcastle Marine Provincial Park, Tribune Bay Provincial Park, Wakes Cove Provincial Park and Wallace Iceland Marine Provincial Park.