The Gull Rock National Park is a national park in the south of the Australian state of Western Australia, 25 km east of Albany. It was opened 97 as Western Australias national park in 2006 and covers an area of ​​2593 ha The area is north of King George Sound, east of Oyster Harbour and west of the Taylor Inlet.

The area is an example of pristine coastal vegetation east of the Kalgan River. The country consists of granite promontories, which are interrupted by sandy beaches, lakes and wetlands between dunes, and so contains a number of specific ecosystems. Granite rocks there are, for example, at Mount Taylor and Mount Martin, both of which belong to the Gardner - land formation. In the park threatened bird species such as the noise thicket of birds ( Atrichornis clamosus ), the long -billed bird paint ( Dasyornis longirostris ) and the gray - crested Wippflöter ( Psophodes nigrogularis ). In the context of a targeted seeking international on the south coast of Western Australia was found in 2008 among other things, to Gull Rock National Park specimens of Western Australia as endangered ( threatened ) classified spider Austrarchaea mainae, which belongs to the family of Archaeidae.

In the park you can find banksias and Kasuarinenwälder, open heathland and grassy dunes. Of the plant species are particularly noteworthy Banksia coccinea, Hakea elliptica, Allocasuarina trichodon, Agonis marginata and Dryandra formosa.