The gully (also gully or gully) is a geomorphological feature, which is formed by flowing water. This formed deep furrows to small valleys. They can be wide ranging from one to several tens of meters and assume proportions of small rivers. Gullies may arise further by glacial action.

In agriculture, erosion gullies arise in the course of acute land degradation ( soil erosion ). In intensive irrigation of the soil remain salts back as lime in the soil. Fixed and calcified soil prevent the seeping of water, such as from rainfall. This collects in furrows and washes nutrients along with it.

Another term for gullies is Schlenke or gully, which forms as a result of anthropogenic landscape especially young overprint ( deforestation, overgrazing ), respectively. A system of gutters and furrows on slopes due to rainfall -induced surface erosion is also called Racheln.