Günther Landgraf

Günther Landgraf ( born September 14, 1928 in warriors, Bohemia, † 12 January 2006 in Dresden ) was a German physicist. Landgraf, the first freely elected rector of the Technical University of Dresden was (1990-1994).


Landgraf was born in Cheb Czech and came in 1938 to Dresden, where he studied from 1947 to 1952 physics at the TU Dresden. His thesis was adopted into the notch stress theory of Prof. Heinz Neuber. 1952 to 1961 he was a research assistant and senior assistant at the Institute of Technical Mechanics of the Technical University Dresden. In 1961 he received his doctorate with a thesis on the theory of rigid cylindrical shell taking into account the shear force shear strains at the TU Dresden for Dr. Ing. His first work led him in 1961 to VEB Germania chemical plant and apparatus Karl- Marx-Stadt. In 1969 he habilitated with the theme calculation arbitrarily loaded shells of revolution with and without consideration of the cross shear strains at the TU Dresden. In 1970 he received the facultas docendi at TU Dresden; shortly afterwards Landgrave was appointed full professor of engineering mechanics ( plasticity theory). His field of work was as the Programme Systems for the design of shells of revolution ( ROSCHA system) and their industrial applications.

In 1990 Günter Landgraf first freely elected Rector of TU Dresden. The election of Günther Landgraf as the new rector in February 1990 was the first visible sign of a new beginning at the TU Dresden after the fall of the GDR. He took office at a time when virtually everything was in upheaval and was also responsible for all the processes related to the renewal of the university. He served as rector a partner of all progressive forces at the university. Landgraf had a "round table" set up, which was convened regularly from the 3rd of April 1991, were discussed at the current problems of renewal. In addition to representatives of the Staff Council and the Student Council, the country representative took Academic Mittelbau Saxony ( LAMS ), the Federal Freedom of Science (BFW ) and the Association of College and Science ( VHW ) and the German Association of University Professors (DHV ) it partially. Günther Landgraf has a major role in the successful reconstruction of the Technical University of Dresden after 1989. Under his aegis, the TU Dresden was given the status of a comprehensive university with 14 faculties. He held the rectorship until his retirement in 1994.

Since the establishment of the European Institute for Postgraduate Education ( EIPOS ) at TU Dresden in 1991 was Prof. Landgraf its president and has become one with the Scientific Director and former Vice-Rector for Education at TU Dresden Günter Lehmann standards in university and postgraduate education placed. In addition, he served as Emeritus nor employees of the Institute of Continuum Mechanics at the TU Dresden. Landgraf has approximately 70 doctoral students supervised, nine of his students are, or were even high school teachers.

Landgraf published around 100 scientific publications, including several books and brochures, patents and intellectual property. He was a member of the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics ( GAMM ).

Landgraf was married to the artist Charlotte summer since 1953. His grave ( along with his wife Summer Landgraf ) is located on the Trinity Cemetery in Dresden. The joint tomb sculptures adorn two summer Landgraf: a figural seated sculpture as well as a bust Günther Landgraf.

Since September 2008, bears the former Rectorate building of the Technical University of Dresden, an outbuilding of the old cafeteria on the Mommsenstraße, the name " Günther Landgraf- building ".


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