Guntram the Rich

Guntram the Rich (* 904/930, . † April 1, 946/26 March 973 ) is to be created after the 1160 pedigrees of Acta Murensia the progenitor of the Habsburgs. His father was after the Acta Murensia the King of Alemannia and Helvetia: Theodebert.

A native of Alsace Guntram was a Count in the Breisgau and Duke of Muri. He is considered the grandfather of Radbot, the builder of the Habsburg. Reported is the son Lanzelin. The connection between Guntram the Rich and Lanzelin is however not historically noted as a son named " Kanzelin " exists and is not undisputed whether Kanzelin the same as Lanzelin (or Landolt ) or whether Lanzelin was a different person.

He was the third son of his parents Hugo, Count of Alsatian Nordgau, and Hildegard. He belonged to the family of Alsace, the Eberharde, a branch of Etichonen, and had land in Alsace and in Breisgau, before him it was withdrawn at the Diet of Augsburg because of a treason 952 together with the title of count.