Gurgaon (Hindi: गुड़गांव Guṛgāṃv [ ɡʊɽɡɑ ː o] ) is a city in the Indian state of Haryana with around 876,000 inhabitants ( 2011 census ). It is a satellite city of Delhi metropolis. Gurgaon is located some 30 kilometers southwest of the city center of Delhi and is connected since 2010 on the Delhi Metro with the capital and close to the busiest airport in the country, IGI ( Indira Gandhi International Airport).

Gurgaon has become increasingly important in recent years. So mainly attracted many wealthy Indians to Gurgaon, as they there vorfanden the proximity to the city Delhi as well as a relatively clean, safe and partly green surroundings. With time, however Gurgaon grew so extreme that it has now only boast a small public park and the individual parks in the residential complexes. In place of the former park new modern and Western-oriented high-rise buildings are now entered that are inhabited by the rich part of the population. The large amount of wealthy also meant that in Gurgaon 20 large malls have settled on the American model, in which especially the rich Indian youth their leisure time in restaurants of Western fast food chains, with shopping American fashion and the look of Hollywood films spends. The school supply, however, has also changed for the better, so have settled there several private schools. Because of these developments is growing Gurgaon to a new educational and comfort capital of India and is known among the inhabitants already new Delhi.

In 2010, the Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi. For this much money has been invested not only in Delhi's government district, but also in infrastructure in Gurgaon. So now a new elevated railway was completed connecting Gurgaon with Delhi whole, and in Gurgaon roads were developed. A significant part of today's existing buildings and infrastructure dates back to the private company DLF Limited, the current construction projects drives as large companies and continuously actively seek new partners, tenants and other stakeholders.