Guryevsky District, Kaliningrad Oblast

The Rajon Guryevsk (Russian Гурьевский район, Gurjewski rayon ) is in the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast located around the regional capital Kaliningrad, the former Koenigsberg. The administrative center is the city of Rajons Guryevsk ( Neuhausen ).

In the north of Rajon reached the Curonian Lagoon, south-west the Vistula Lagoon. The Rajon forms the northeastern, eastern and southern outskirts of the city of Kaliningrad. By Rajonsgebiet run many important transport links Oblast due to the proximity to the region 's capital.


The Rajon Guryevsk consists of the urban community Guryevsk and seven rural communities with 146 settlements.


The Rajon Guryevsk was established on 7 April 1946 in succession to the existing to the year 1939 the district of Königsberg as Kjonigsbergski Rajon. On September 7, 1946, he got his current name. Its administrative seat was on February 9, 1953, the city Guryevsk (until September 7, 1946 officially Noichausen ), then until February 1, 1960, the settlement Issakowo ( Lauth, 1997 Bolschoye Issakowo ) and since then again Guryevsk.

On July 25, 1947, the area of ​​the village Soviet Dobrinski the south of the Pregel located Rajonteil were taken from the Rajon Polessk ( Nautzken ) and delivered to the Kaliningrad Rajon newly established. In 1965 this area was connected back to the Rajon Guryevsk in a modified form. As a curiosity, this was created by a conflict of laws situation of " Otwaschnojer tip ", which was on the one hand expected to Rajon Guryevsk, on the other hand to the village Soviet, or village district Niwenski ( Wittenberg) in Rajon Bagrationowsk belonged. Following local government reform in 2008, this strip of territory in the rural community Nowomoskowskoje Rajon Guryevsk was first assigned in 2010 but then the rural community Niwenskoje in Rajon Bagrationowsk.

On December 12, 1962 and February 1, 1963, the rural areas of Rajon Primorsk were connected to the Rajon Guryevsk ( since 1965 Rajon Selenogradsk ). This measure was reversed on 12 January 1965. It came to a land swap, in which the southern part of the formerly Primorsk, westerly of Kaliningrad village Soviets Logwinski ( Medenau ) as a village Soviet Wolotschajewski ( Marschenen ) was incorporated, while the northern part of the village Soviets Chrabrowski was issued ( Powunden ) to the Rajon Selenogradsk. The village Soviet Wolotschajewski then went over to the county Svetly on 6 June 1991.

As part of local government Rajon Guryevsk first eventually got on 5 November 2004 the status of a city district (Russian Гурьевский городской округ, Gurjewski Gorodskoi okrug ), and on 30 June 2008 the status of a municipal Rajons ( Гурьевский муниципальный район, Gurjewski munizipalny rajon ).

In the 1990s the village Soviets ( " Selski Sowet ") (" Selski okrug " ) have been renamed in village districts. On 30 June 2008, the remaining nine village districts in seven rural communities ( " Selskoje posselenije " ) were converted.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2008

From 1963 to 1965 included the village Soviets Muromski, Pereslawski, Powarowski, Schatrowski and Wischnjowski from the Rajon Primorsk ( Rajon Selenogradsk ) for Rajon Guryevsk.