Gusau is the capital of Nigeria's Zamfara state. According to a calculation for 2012, the city has 147 034 inhabitants.

Gusau is in the northwest of Nigeria on the River Sokoto. The inhabitants, Muslim Hausa - Fulani led here 1999, the Shari'a a. On 1 October 2006, there was near the city a dam failure ( Gusau dam break), which claimed about 40 lives.

Kontagora and its surroundings are one of the 14 Local Government Areas ( LGA) of the state of Zamfara with an area of ​​3364.41 km ². In the previous 1991 census, the LGA had 259 336 inhabitants and thus a population density of 77 inhabitants per km ². In the city itself 132 393 inhabitants were counted.