Gusow - Platkow [ gu ː zo ː Platko ː ] is a municipality in the district office belonging to Mark- Or Country (Brandenburg). It is administered by the Office Neuhardenberg.

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Gusow - Platkow located in the southeastern and eastern part of the district area of the Office Neuhardenberg. The municipality is bordered on the north and northeast by the municipality and Letschin, in the east and southeast to the official free town of Seelow, in the southwest on the community Vier Linden (Official Seelow -Land), in the west and north- west on the community Neuhardenberg (Official Neuhardenberg ).

Community structure

After the main statute of the community, the community is divided into the districts of:

  • Gusow with the inhabited part of municipality Karlshof and the living space Gusower Loose
  • Platkow with the residential community town of Neuhof and the living quarters Pasche Brück and Platkower Loose


Platkow is one of the oldest villages in the district or Mark- land and was first documented in 1229. The manors of Gusow and Platkow were acquired in 1448 by the Brandenburg nobility of Schapelow and went in 1649 in the possession of Brandenburg Field Marshal Georg von Derfflinger over. 1745 went the goods to the Podewilssche rule. The community Gusow - Platkow was on 31 December 1997 from the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Gusow and Platkow.


Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 10 community representatives.

  • WG Farmers Association MOL 2 seats
  • WG SV Prussia Gusow 24 e.V. 2 seats
  • FFW Gusow - Platkow 4 seats
  • WG history buffs 2 seats

(As at municipal election on 28 September 2008)

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Azure, by a silver wave beams split sign foot, in gold, a black oak with 13 green leaves and two fruits, whose stem is cleaved by a silver lightning channel; accompanied by a right bundle with seven openwork black grain stalks left of a green tobacco plant with two pairs of leaves and an inflorescence with 6 red flowers. "

Culture and sights

In the list of monuments in Gusow - Platkow are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.


  • Gusow Castle with museum in the tin soldiers et al Provide insights into the Brandenburg- Prussian and German history
  • Museum Platkow, exhibitions in the former Platkower school.


  • The Historical and Folk Society Gusow - Platkow eV is concerned with the local and regional history, from prehistory and early history to the present.


  • After the Thirty Years' War acquired Georg Freiherr von Derfflinger (born 1606 in Neuhofen an der Krems Upper Austria ) the goods Gusow and Platkow. He died in 1695 in Gusow.
  • Walter Gerlach ( born August 25, 1896 in Gusow, † April 19, 1964 in Haiger ) was a German SS officer, warden of the Columbia house and camp commandant in Sachsenhausen concentration castle during the period of National Socialism.