Gustav Heinrich von Bongard

August Gustav Heinrich von Bongard ( born September 12, 1786 in Bonn, † November 1839 in Saint Petersburg ) was a German botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " bong. ".

Life and work

Gustav Heinrich von Bongard worked in Saint Petersburg. He was one of the first botanists who described the in Alaska (then belonging to Russia ) newly discovered plants. Most of the plants described by him were from the collection of Karl Heinrich Mertens in Sitka ( Alaska). For example, written by Bongard the first description of Sitka spruce and red alder.


According to him the genus Bongardia the plant family of the Barberry ( Berberidaceae ) was named.


  • Directory of the collected in 1838 on Saisang - Nor and the Irtysh plants (along with CA Meyer), 1841