Gustav Knepper Power Station


The power plant Gustav Knepper is a coal-fired power plant in Dortmund city district Dortmund- Mengede at the city limits to Castrop -Rauxel. It was named after the mine director Gustav Knepper. The Altblöcke A / B were to Dortmund city. Block C, which is still in operation, is to Castrop- Rauxler reason.

The coal power plant was built in the coal mine of Adolf Hansemannplatz according to the plans of the Essen industrial architects Fritz Schupp on the site of the mine Gustav. Operators of the power plant was originally the Gelsenkirchen Mining AG, and later the Bochum Mining AG. Today, the power plant is part of the E.ON Group.

The block C of the power plant was built from 1968 to 1971 and 1971 with a capacity of 340 MW. In a press release of 22 September 1969, the new cooling tower of block C with its 128 meters height was designated as the highest in the world. The chimney is 210 m high, the boiler house 69 m.

In the years 1975/1976 Veba took over power plants Ruhr ( VKR ), the power plant Knepper and 1977/1978 the five cooling towers were demolished Altblöcke. The expansion of the power plant to a 740 MW unit was discarded after numerous discussions in public.

The blocks A and B, each with 64 MW were decommissioned in 1990. In the early 1990s began the VKR with the partial demolition of the blocks A / B, but could the old engine house not be dismantled, as in the upper half runs the carbon conveyor belt for block C. The turbines and generators were sold, only the 150 - tM.AN bridge crane was left in the building. The building is now used for storage. In the years 1985/1986 the DeNOx plant was built on Knepper, a year later, the flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD ) will open its doors. In 1990, the fly ash silo goes with a capacity of 40,000 tons in operation.

In 2002, thanks to further improvements to the turbine reaches a net output of 360 MW. In addition to electrical power, the power plant supplies district heating in the adjacent neighborhoods, as well as to the customers that were previously supplied by the power plant Castrop -Rauxel.

The power plant Knepper and his staff of 65 people were for the power plant Castrop -Rauxel, which served only as a reserve power plant in the late 1990s, partly responsible. The power plant was shut down Rauxel on 15 June 2001 and is now demolished.

Mid-2010 took the Ruhr Regional Association the power plant in the Route of Industrial Heritage, Theme Route chemicals, glass and energy.

In December 2013, E.ON requested that the Federal Network Agency for economic reasons, the decommissioning of the power plant. This is to take place between December 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. Background are low market power prices, expiring power purchase agreements with major customers and the high age of the plant.

The power is supplied via the switchgear Pöppinghausen on the 380 kV high- voltage level in the network of Amprion.