Gustav Siewerth Academy

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The Gustav- Siewerth Academy ( GSA ) is a private university founded in 1988 with headquarters in Weilheim- Bierbronnen in Baden- Württemberg. Named the Academy is named after the philosopher and pedagogue Gustav Siewerth. With only 9 students has been the smallest state-recognized institution of higher education in Germany.

Foundation and ideological orientation

The Academy was created in an effort to counter the neo-Marxism of the Frankfurt School to Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer. It was founded by the theologian Alma von Stockhausen, founding rector was the church historian Remigius Bäumer. Legal and financial support is a non-profit limited liability company. The university is a member of the Forum German Catholics. Your ideological basic orientation is conservative Catholic.

End state recognition

In June 2013, the college was removed by the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science Theresia Bauer state recognition, as they would spent with their next full-time academic staff, for the annual 12000-26000 euro, not a sustainable university structure vorzuhalten in a position to. The Academy offers since 2009 not a single corresponding the specifications of the state university law degree more. The GSA is challenging the denial to the Administrative Court of Freiburg.

Organization and programs

Honorary Rector Albrecht Graf von Brandenstein- Zeppelin, Grand Chancellor of the Academy is the Archbishop of Freiburg and head of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch.

In the winter semester 2010/11 degree programs in the fields of philosophy, sociology and Family Studies with the two main compartments Catholic theology and education, as well as minor subjects philosophy of science and journalism ( Giessen model) were offered. Degrees were " Master of Arts " or " Master of Arts " award (MA). Promotion is not possible. The institutes are not congruent with the programs and deal with family sciences, Luther research, research saints, pseudo-sciences and Eastern European Studies.


The Academy maintains relations with the angels work.