Gustave Rudler

Gustave Rudler ( born January 11, 1872 in Besançon, † October 17th 1957 in Paris) was a French linguist and literary scholar, who worked as a high school teacher in England.

Life and work

Rudler studied in Paris at the École normale supérieure and was a high school teacher. He habilitated at Gustave Lanson to the two theses La Jeunesse de Benjamin Constant 1767-1794 (Paris 1909) and bibliography critique of the Oeuvres de Benjamin Constant (Paris 1908) and from 1913 was professor of French at Bedford College in London. From 1920 to 1949 he occupied the newly created Marshal Foch Chair of French Literature at the University of Oxford. He was co-editor of the journal Revue critique des livres nouveaux (1910-1913) and from 1919 to 1932 co-founder and first editor of the journal French Quarterly.

Other works

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